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If you are a student or a parent of a student trying to ensure future success…you have come to the right place.
Consider Harvey Mackay’s comments in an interview by Noah St. John in April of 2010:

  • There are 14.6 million Americans looking for work this very minute
  • 6.3 million have been looking for seven months or more, and that figure was 1.5 million just five years ago.
  • By June 2011, the average college graduate will have 10 to 14 different job changes in their career by age 38, and they will have 3 to 5 different career changes by the time they retire. Whoa! What does that say? It’s a perpetual job search out there.

According to U.S. Census Bureau estimates, 27.2% of the population, age 25 and older, have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. By the end of 2011, college enrollment is projected to rise to 17.7 million, an increase of 20 percent from 1999. These statistics highlight a harsh reality: we live in a highly competitive world and in order to truly gain a competitive advantage, we must set ourselves apart from the status quo. The question is how.

According to Brian Tracy, a renowned specialist in individual and organizational training and development, “in the world of tomorrow those who know the most and can apply it will earn the most.” Successful people figure out what they need to learn and then practice it until they become proficient at it.In this day and age, because everything around us is ever-changing, it is very difficult to ascertain what is critical to learn.

Collegiate Strategy can help!

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Why Collegiate Strategy

Collegiate Strategy is your resource for information on developing a strategy to maximize the return on your investment in learning and college. By spending time with us: this site, our newsletters, and our interactive e-magazine, you will learn how to develop your very own personal strategy for success.

Our Plan of Action includes helping you improve your self-esteem and self-confidence, increase your communication, relationship, networking skills and much more.

We will help you develop an incredible resume and cover letter to best present yourself to, and in, an extremely competitive job market. The time to start work on this is now. We share what you need to know, and how to make it happen.

Success in life is not guaranteed; it must be earned. Continuing your education and developing your learning skills is certainly beneficial, as is pursuing your own personal development. Given the tremendous cost of going to college in terms of time, energy, and money, developing a strategy to maximize the return on your investment definitely makes great sense.

We share the tremendous benefits of managing your time wisely, the incredible power of correct goal setting, and so much more. We enlist the support and wisdom of the nation's best leaders and experts to show you exactly what you need to accomplish anything worthwhile in life you endeavor.

Join our community today, we offer great learning resources, money saving values, and even some incredible income opportunities.